Blind Vodka Tasting

A while back I was a host for a blind Vodka tasting for a group of the Usual Suspects. They sampled a taste of 5 different Vodkas

Crystal Head
Grey Goose

I was surprised as 3 of the 5 tasters picked Burnetts as their favorite.

I decided to give this a try and choose the following seven Vodkas for my blind taste test

Crystal Head
Grey Goose

I choose to do the shots room temperature and took only a large enough taste so I could make an evaluation.

I rated the Vodkas by , nose, initial taste and finish.

I was surprised to the actual outcome as I drink a lot of Vodka and thought I had a good grasp on the differences. I should also add that I break Vodka into three groups. Vodka I use in Martinis, Vodka I use in a mixed drink and infused/flavored Vodkas. I you can see I focused my blind taste test on the Vodka from the first two categories.

Here are how they finished

1. Firestarter
2. Grey Goose
3. Shpilka
4. Pinnacle
5. Crystal Head
6. Burnetts
7. Svedka

You can read the reviews of all of these Vodkas as well as other products at

Smokes and Booze

The Professor


  1. Professor,
    Thank you for including us in your taste test. I love it when people actually take the time to put products up against one another. Though I do love seeing us come out on top, it doesn't surprise me. We've done so many blind taste tests and always do very well, including a gold medal at the Moscow Spirits Festival in 2011. We're very proud of what's inside that red fire extinguisher.

    Again, glad you fired it up!

    Chris Van Howten
    Director of Advertising
    Firestarter Spirits, Inc.


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