The Transgression Part IV

The Transgression Part IV

In case you missed the first Three parts of the Transgression

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We continued to chat, drink and smoke on the patio and it seemed like each time we looked around we had more people listening to the story.

As Tom continued you could tell he was not as comfortable as he had been earlier and I was not sure if it was due to the crowd of listeners or if the subject matter would soon be begin to stir some emotions long forgotten

Tom continued, for other of the girls the money was used in ways, needless to say to cover for low self esteem or drugs. But who was I to judge; after all I spent all my free time (and money) in this world.

The number of dancers on a given night was about eight to ten and their group consisted of twelve performers. The group would rotate between three clubs in three different towns spending about a week in each town. Some of the girls would be back every rotation, but at least one would drop out by the time the group came back to my club. I believe that once a girl made a rotation she would see that this was not the life for everyone. Of course the same could be said for the regular patrons of the club, they would come and go. But not me, I was living the life.

The other question I get a lot, Tom continued, is did you get to have sex with the girls?

Well yes I did, but it was not a continuous orgy as you may wish to imagine. From time to time you would get to know one of the girls and end up at a party and as they say one thing would lead to another, but it was not really all that frequent. This party and infrequent sexually atmosphere never led to a relationship (at least so far), it was simply fun. We all knew the score and most of us had our own relationship hang-ups

Speaking of relationships some of the girls had great relationships with boyfriends and some even were married. Remember I said to many of the girls this was simply a job. Just a job that required you to take you cloths off while dancing to music on the stage and around a pole, but, again who was I to judge. In addition this job paid better money than a young could earn working at Sears or J.C. Penny’s. I actually met many of the significant others and the ones I met were ok guys and I can only assume not the jealous type.

This routine continued for me for moth after month. It was the Christmas season and it was during this time of the year that led to the most vacancies in the group. The girls would get homesick and decided to move on.

I just happened to be in the club on Saturday morning when auditions were taking place. I was drinking a bloody marry and no really paying attention while chatting with one of the bartenders when all of a sudden I look up and see what to me was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen!

I watched as she ran through her routine and I have to say not only was I impressed with her skills as a dancer, but also was very aroused by her gorgeous looks and dancer’s body. She was a petite thing with a very tight body and small breasts. But she had the moves and could work the pole like not many I had witnessed.

I figured she would be offered a job which she was and I eagerly awaited her opening performance later that day. I went home to take a nap and wait for the evening performances.

I did a little extra sprucing up prior to leaving for the club and stopped by a local florist to pickup one red rose. Yes you could say I was smitten and hoped to make a good impression tonight. I arrived back at the club just as the afternoon shift ended and ordered a beer and waited for the evening shift to start.

I queried the bartender Harry about the new girl. Harry said he did not know much about her except what he had seen earlier today with me, except she was 18 and just moved to town from some where in North Dakota.

Being the new kid on the block my new crush was first up for the lineup this evening. I remember it well the opening song was Sweet Emotion, which starts slow and really builds. By the end of the first song she was wearing only a bra and thigh high cut panties.

The second song was Free Bird and that really brought the house down. Again staring slow and ending in a flurry, which included her ending with wearing nothing but her shoes (and shoes don’t count)

The third song was More than a Feeling and well let’s just says by the time she finished I was aroused both emotionally and physically. It appears she did very well from the tip side and received a huge round of applause from the crowd. She was either a natural or she had done this before. Given her age however I was leaning more to the natural side.

After she took a short brake she was out working the crowd for lap dances and doing very well in that department. After giving a few lap dances she came to the bar and ordered a Gin and Tonic. I motioned to Harry that I would pick up the tab for her drinks. Hell the way I felt I would be willing to pick up the drinks for her drinks the rest of her life.

Harry gave her the drink and said the drink was complements of the gentlemen on the end of the bar. She turned smiled at me and held up the drink as if giving me a toast. She started to walk to where I was seated and I felt my knees buckle even though I was sitting down. I stood from my bar stool as she approached She smiled again and said,

Thanks for the drink, who may I ask is the person I am thanking.

My name is Tom and this is for you, I said, handing her the rose.

The return smile was the best I could have hoped for I saw a tear in her eye.
My name is Jessica, she said in a warm and soft voice.

At this point Tom paused the story and finished his drink and ordered another. I looked at him and he had a tear in his eye.

"Do the tear on your pillow bespeak the pain that is in your hear?"

This has been The Transgression Part IV

The Professor


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