Mad as Hell

I was sitting out in the Bar “Formally Known as the KC Ice Bar” last weekend and what was going on around me to quote Eddie Chiles made me mad as hell. So what was it that made me so mad? It was the noise population going on around me. Neighbor’s mowing lawns, the pounding of new root being put on, the neighbor whose fence is next to mine replacing part of his fence and the electric drill making it’s whirring tat, tat, tat sound as it drives in the wood screws. Which by the way are as irritating as a dentist drill.

Now I realize I choose to move into the big city and many of you would say that I just have to live with this noise. While I do agree to some extent I also believe that there should be specific hours on the weekends and evenings when you can make noise whether working in your yard or putting on a new roof or siding.

One More Example

Another example was on Sunday morning, Mothers Day the same neighbor who was putting up the new roof on Saturday was back at it on Sunday Morning at 7:30 A.M.! This is totally unacceptable I simply wanted to enjoy the morning and my Bloody Mary, but the constant sawing, stapling and pounding made it impossible.
So why does this really irritate me so much? Do you realize there are some places in this country where you cannot even smoke on your patio or in your apartment? Some states and cities have laws against smoking on a golf course or in a city or state park? Also many more legislation is in effect that proposes to inflict many more bans on smokers’ rights. This my loyal readers is to be blunt, bullshit.

This must stop if I cannot sit on my own patio or porch and enjoy some peace and quiet how can we allow the government to legislate laws on smoking (or any type of invasion of privacy)?

I also am not opposed to business’s choosing to place self imposed bans on smoking in their own establishments. This should be up to the business owners.
To keep up on all smoking bans I encourage you to join Cigar Rights of America. Central Patti and I are both members and while following them on their webpage will irritate you from time to time as you keep up with legislature proposals it will also make you smile when you see a legislation fail.

Cigar Rights of America -

The Professor


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