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During the last year I have received dozens of questions from my loyal followers. Here are the best of the best (Well most of them) and my answers.

Q. What was the last drink you had?
A. Well I am drinking a Bloody Mary as I type does that count?

Q. If you could pick four bottles to start your home bar with what would they be?
A. I have been asked this question the most so here are my big four and why.

1. Four Rose Yellow Bourbon – A great Bourbon and inexpensive so it is good for your Usual Suspects that like it neat and also inexpensive enough to use in a Manhattan or with someone who likes Bourbon and 7 or cola (God forbid). Plus it is the official Bourbon of MySideOfTheBar.

2. Svedka or Fris Vodka - Both are inexpensive and work equally as well in both Vodka Martini’s and as a mixed drink such as a Vodka and Tonic.

3. A good Gin – I realize that Tanquery is probably one of the most popular or Bombay and this question is one of the most debated drinking questions at MySideOfTheBar. I choose Hendricks and New Amersterdam. Both are very crisp and make an excellent Martini.

4. Rum – Personally I would choose a Dark Rum such as Bacardi Anejo, however today spiced Rums are so in vogue that you almost are forced to carry Captain.

Q. What is the strangest drink you have ever made?
A. A Long Show Screw Up against the Wall with a Kiss. Yes it is a real drink, you can look it up.

Q. If you were having a party or dinner what wines would you include?
A. That is another popular question and a tough one to answer and you will need both a red and white. For the red lately I have been hooked on Robert Mondovi Pinot Noir for a Red which is very moderately priced with a great flavor and pairs with everything. For the same reason I choose Robert Mondavi Chardonnay, however keep in mind the white wine drinkers have a wider spectrum between sweet and dry so you may wish to include a Riesling as well.

Q. What do you deem as essential items for a home bar?
A. Well in my book “Bay Point Martini’s I have a list of the most pertinent.
Stainless Cocktail Shaker
Several shot glasses
Lots of glasses as they get broken often
A couple of good cutting boards and Sharpe knives
Lots of towels
Cocktail Napkins
Cocktail Skewers
and the list goes on and on.

Q. What frill or luxury item would you choose for a home bar?
A. I have two, an ice maker (yes I know it is expensive). You can go through lots and lots of ice in an evening of drinking. I can give you a tip. If you have a side by side refrigerator, purchase a Rubbermaid garbage can and remove a couple of shelves and let you ice maker fill the garbage can and you will always have an ample supply of ice. A kind or poor man’s ice maker, thanks S. and K. Decker.

Also a professional grade ice crusher is great to have.

Q. What is your favorite quote about drinking?
A. Well I have two (and I used both in my book)

“Happiness is… finding two olives in your Martini when you’re Hungry” – Johnny Carson.

“Remember folks you’re not drunk if you can lay on the floor without hanging on” – Den Martin

Q. Speaking of books what is your favorite book about drinking?
A. WTH? Ok here it is “Dry Martini, A Gentleman Turns to Love” by John Thomas. A great story and contains another of my favorite paragraphs about drinking.

“Darling Willoughby:
By the time you receive this you will undoubtedly have seen or heard from the your phenomenon who owes here existence to our regrettable cooperation.” Yes you have to read the book, but it is a great read.

Q. You have mentioned your book in your blog, where can I get a copy?
A. Contact me as I can get you a copy (Almost for free)

Q. What is the best bar you have ever had cocktails in?
A. Wow, great question. I would have to say a little bistro in Paris right across the river from Notre Dame. I cannot remember the name, but Central Patti took the Gateau Bus down the river to visit the cathedral and were hungry so we stopped at this very quaint bistro. It was after two in the afternoon and the proprietors were going to close, but said they would let us eat lunch. We had a very good lunch and a couple of bottles of Wine and the husband and wife who owned the bistro sat and talked to us for about two hours and we missed the tour of Notre Dame. The funny thing is they only knew about as much English as we did French, but we had one great afternoon.

Q. What is the most popular drink you make?
A. Easy a Cosmo Martini, I make a great Cosmo from scratch and everyone loves it.

Q. From the story you posted, "The Snow Storm" was that true?
A. Parts of it I will leave it up to you to figure out which parts.

Well that is all for now, keep your questions coming.

The Professor


  1. Bloody Mary as you type this??? Good thing it was a Holiday :P


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