Christmas Ideas for Your Bar Friends Part II

Yes time is running out on the Christmas shopping clock so here are a few more ideas for those special friends who enjoy Their Side of the Bar.

Coffee Bean Roaster
If you enjoy coffee then you have to give roasting your own beans a try. The process is very easy and you will be able to make some of the best coffee you have ever had.

You can decide on dark or light roast and there are many, many types beans available from many different countries. One of my favorite is Costa Rican beans.

Many different retailers carry coffee bean roasters and the one I have been using for many years is the Fresh Roast Coffee Roaster plus 8 model,  and a quick Google search allows you to shop and compare prices

Green Beans
This is the term used for coffee beans that are not yet roasted and as coffee roasters you can do a quick Google search and find your favorite beans.

Roast Masters

Green Coffees

A Coffee Press
This is an intricate part of the process and a way to make a great pot of coffee. I like to get my water scalding hot and let the coffee steep prior to stirring and then let it steep for a few more minutes. You will  produce an excellent cup of java as rich as anything you will ever drink.

Here are some sites I have used for coffee accessories


Espresso Zone

Now you may wish to make some gifts and if you are like me these can be the best to get and also fun to make.

Hot Buttered Rum Mix
I just made this myself and it is a great evening drink while sitting around the fire on a cold winter’s night. Here is the receipe I used from The Food Network

The recipe makes enough for about 12 cups depending on the size of the cup and how much dark rum you add.  ! start with a tablespoon of the mixture and then adjust for cup size.

Irish Cream
 I have made this before and it is excellent tasting and great fun to make. I would recommend starting with a smaller portion of the whiskey (I recommend Jameson Irish Whiskey) and then adjusting for taste.

Irish Cream Recipe

You can also never go wrong with a nice bottle of a favorite wine or sprit for a gift. Here are a few sites I have used.

Internet Wine and Sprits

Market View Liquor

Also if you are lucky enough to have a Sam’s Club, Costco, World Market or Trader Joe’s in your area they are all great places to find values on wines and spirits.

Have a great Holiday Season



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