Weekend Review

And what a great weekend it was here at MySideOfTheBar.

The weekend started off great at the M & S Grill on the Plaza. The food was excellent and prices moderate to expensive. I had the Bourbon Pecan Beurre Blanc Glazzed Idaho Rainbow Trout and the M & S Grill House Salad and both were excellent. The Manhattans here are the best I have yet to have in KC and I am not entirely sure about the prices as we were guests of others. (Thank you S. and K. D.)

On Saturday afternoon we stopped in to the Baha 600 on the Plaza and found some excellent Mexican Entries. If you eat in the dinning room and order the Guacamole Dip they make it fresh at your table and the tacos, Espinaca Con Queso are all very good. I also recommend the Red Sangria.

On Sun we went to a new comer to the Plaza (However they had previously been a main stay in West Port) The Blanc Burgers and Bottles. They have over 100 different varieties of bottled bear. We sampled the Grand Teton Au Naturale Organic and the Lindeman’s Framboise (Cherry Flavor) were very nice indeed. I also tried the Manhattans here and while not as good as Californos or the M & S grill the bartender Keith could still whip up a decent drink and the prices were very, very reasonable. Keith also knew his beer and while they were out of one our first choices he immediately recommended another that was close to the original.



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