Why the Urnal?

Any one who has sat at the bar consuming a favorite beverage comes to the reality that sooner or later they will have to make the long walk (or stagger) to the facilities. (Yes the men’s or ladies room!).

For males we know we know we are in the right place when we open the door and see the Urinal. The porcelain devices range in size from the 1960’s, full length model, to the waist high new wave model, to the handicap accessible version.

Some of the newer facilities located in public malls and family restaurants even offer a variety of heights to accommodate all male family members, no matter their age or height.

Oh yes and least we forget the trough style that adorns most of the sporting facilities around the most powerful county in the world where a man can stand shoulder to shoulder and urinate. Or even worse standing in a circle facing each other.

What I always wonder is WHY! I realize that conserving water and the space a typical toilet stall takes up had to be some of the consideration, but why in the hell would any normal, rational, educated human being want to stand shoulder to shoulder while pissing and facing each other?

When the urge becomes so great it is true the a man will relieve himself almost anywhere and there have even been times when I was glad I could duck into an alley, parking ramp or behind a tree and let it rip. However there is still an aspect of privacy involved here and usually not four of five of us standing behind the same tree.


Yes and I had not even covered the splashing aspect of public urination! It is one thing when you splash your self on the shoe or pant leg, but it is especially bad when you are standing deltoid to deltoid and the guy on your right splashes you!


And why the hell can’t we have at least a divider between urinals! Yes some public toilets, even the ones without stalls do not have dividers so we stand and pee and hang out right in front of God and Country and the very large biker with “Born to Raise Hell” tattooed on his arm.

Well I guess that is enough of this rant for now, as I have to take a leak!


  1. My personal favorite is the tiled wall with a low trough feeding to a drain.

    Pissing on a wall just seemed wrong.

  2. Ed and I both know the walls... Germany was full of them to piss on. Frankly, these walls made more sense to me than a urinal. It was wide open to take your place, primal in its efficiency. What should seem wrong to you Ed is the car hoods I pulled you off of or that convertible Mercedes we found a bit too tempting!


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